The largest hotel furniture factory in 2023

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Hotel Bedding Factory

I have a peaceful factory, the best hotel bedding factory in Egypt, a wide variety of bed linens, mattress pads, pillows and covers to make the bedroom elegant and beautiful, the factory has multiple colors, shapes and materials, hotel bed linens consisting of a cover set and a white hotel mattress made of microfiber that can be used On both sides, there are also 6-piece bedspreads that are used on both sides, 100% cotton. Soft and elastic cotton gives comfort and relaxation with a soft texture.

You can also find Turkish bedspreads that combine originality, refined beauty, and Western elegance, as usual with Turkish bedspreads, and 6-piece compressed bedspreads that are used on both sides in a variety of shapes and colors, and 100% cotton three-dimensional mattresses consisting of 8 colored boards only and exclusively in Salmi Hotel Furniture Factory.

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