The largest furniture export factories in 2023

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The best furniture export factories

Dear customers, Hello and welcome to Salami Factory, the largest furniture export factory in Egypt. Our factory, thanks to God first and foremost, is able to export all types of Egyptian furniture with the highest quality, efficiency and lowest price all over the world. The factory also announces the provision of a selection of the finest and finest types of mattresses. The bed, towels, sheets and furnishings are 100% Egyptian raw materials.

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Factories exporting high quality furniture

The products of the Salmi Bedding Factory are characterized by high quality, elegant designs, embroidered patterns and hand-stitching, which is considered one of the latest 2020 models of furniture. The factory provides large and children’s cotton sheets in a variety of shapes and colors, plain and patterned.

Bed linens with colors and designs from the picturesque nature, as this mattress is considered one of the most important necessities of the bride and it is impossible to dispense with it or forget it, and that made Salma Factory one of the most important furniture export factories. Plush mattresses are the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication.

Which made us the best mattress export factories in Egypt, and it gives an attractive appearance to the room, so the bride can put it on the first nights of the wedding, especially if the wedding is in the winter season, because it will add a wonderful romantic touch full of warmth and sophistication at the same time.

Also available at the Salami factory are fiber quilts for children and bedrooms in different colors and shapes, sheet covers and children’s covers with excellent drawings and shapes, blankets of different sizes and weights and in modern colors and shapes, towels, bathrobes for women and men, bathrobes for children and others.

With Salmi Factory for exporting modern furnishings, every bride can, God willing, find everything she needs to furnish her home without searching a lot and spoiling here and there. Salmi Company collects all kinds of mattresses that suit your taste and at very reasonable prices.

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