The largest bed sheet factory in 2023

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The best bed linen manufacturer in Egypt

To all those who are about to get married, Salmi Factory is the best bed sheet factory in Egypt. It offers you a variety of bed sheets in distinctive and modern colors, very wonderful and beautiful shapes, and many materials that suit all tastes, and therefore there are also various prices for bed sheets, so I have a Salami factory bed sheets made of tulle, Silk, satin, organza, hollow lace and others.

The colors of the sheets vary between what is light, such as white, red, and rose, and what is dark, such as black, brown, gray, and violet. The bed sheets give a special kind of beauty to the room and give the decor a beautiful and picturesque look. The sheets decorate the bed and cover the mattresses and give them a beautiful and comfortable shape. Rest during sleep.

Salmi Factory is also interested in providing table cloths in various shapes to decorate the dining table with, and they also protect the table from stains and scratches. to the size, shape and color of her dining table.

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