The largest bed linen manufacturer in 2023

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Furniture Factory

Salma Bedding is considered the best bedding factory in Egypt so far, a factory specialized in selling all kinds of furnishings with the finest models and the lowest and cheapest prices (plain towels, embroidered towels, bathrobes , double prince, striped men, women, children), as well as specializing in selling bed sets of all kinds, Egyptian and imported quilts, blankets and plush bedspreads. Salami Factory specializes in supplying brides with the latest fashions and models, all of this at a wholesale price from the largest furniture factory.

With Salmi Factory for modern furnishings, every woman can find all the furnishings she needs, whether towels, bathrobes, blankets, covers, and embroidered bed sets from the largest factory of embroidered furnishings and bed sheets of cotton and sulphur in various sizes, colors, and quilts in various colors and shapes, and the factory is ready to supply any quantity of products Anywhere, at very reasonable prices, from Salma Factory, the largest embroidered furniture factory in Egypt. Learn about the most important Furniture companies in Egypt

Embroidered Bedding Factory

To every bride who wants to furnish the marital home with the finest and cheapest types of furnishings at the same time, deal with Salma Factory, the cheapest embroidered furniture factory, because it offers you the best materials that suit all possibilities, as Salma Factory is the largest embroidered furniture factory, so we have:

Large, plain and embossed bed sheets, including organza and chiffon, suitable for the bride, and children’s sheets in various shapes and colors, chic with children’s toys, landscapes and flowers. Their prices are very variable. Always ask about prices and offers from the largest embroidered furniture factories in Egypt.

Salma Factory is the largest embroidered bedding factory. Satin bed linens with white embroideries made of satin inlaid with organza in the cornices spread over the edge of the bedspread and the tail. It consists of four pillowcases, two plain and two with cornices. It is also equipped with circular pillows and bonbonnieres with cheerful patterns and colors, and their prices are affordable from the largest factory. Embroidered bedding.

Indian bed linens in burgundy and golden colors, which are the finest and most modern types of bedspreads so far. These bedspreads give the room a wonderful Indian touch, especially as it goes with the decor of simple rooms. Comfortable to look at and delightful at the same time. Designed in the best embroidered bedding factory. Another curtain for the crown of the bed made of high-quality and efficient materials, and the bedspread in the middle has wonderful patterns with a wavy frame falling down on the sides of the bed on top of the golden satin layer. It is presented to you from the largest embroidered furniture factories.

Embroidered Bedding Factories

In Salma Bedding Factory, the most important embroidered bedding factory in Egypt, the designs and materials of bed linens disappear, as there are regular satin bed linens and Turkish mattresses and French mattresses and others, as they differ among themselves in the material and embroidery, and many prefer to choose mattresses in light colors and cheerful patterns. Therefore, Salami Factory is the best embroidered furniture factory in Egypt, providing you with Mattresses in modern colors and simple embroideries away from stones, beads, and crystals that are never comfortable in sleeping, from an embroidered bedding factory.

Salmi Furniture Factory, the largest embroidered furniture factory in Egypt, has satin mattresses with cranishes in violet, burgundy, gray and beige colors with four cushions, including two plain and two with cranishes. It is made of white roses of great beauty and splendor. It has no lobes or crystals that make sitting on it uncomfortable. Its design is in the largest embroidered furniture factory, and its prices are very suitable for every bride and a woman who prepares her home.

I have the Selma factory, the largest embroidered bed linen factory in Egypt, very beautiful Turkish bedspreads, as the Turkish bedspreads are distinguished by the delicateness of their designs and the softness of their colors, as they fit very well with modern decorations, and because most brides want to buy a white bed sheet for their wedding night, we have provided the most important for you in the Salma factory Embroidered bedding factories in Egypt, an elegant and soft design for the white Turkish bed mattress embossed on the edges in a wonderful attractive black color, with a very delicate and beautiful bed design, equipped with an elegantly embroidered sheet that gives tenderness and beauty to the room, and we also have Turkish satin mattresses in wonderful modern colors at the cheapest prices, With us, every bride will find what suits her at unbeatable prices from embroidered furniture factories.

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